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 Native Medicare Charitable Trust, NMCT is a Non Profit Organization
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HOPE - Health Opportunity and Positive Environment for PLHIV

Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT) is playing a vital role in reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Coimbatore District. It has been implementing various projects to provide care and support to the people and children infected by HIV/AIDS.

Community Based Care and Support (CBCS) Project from 2002-2009, Children affected by HIV/AIDS and Health & Happiness for all (CHAHA) from 2007-2011 and Care & Support and Prevention for PLHIV (CaSP) from 2011-2014 were the major programs undertaken by NMCT.

Presently, as an ongoing program from 2015-2018 NMCT implements the HOPE (Health Opportunity and Positive Environment for the PLHIV) project in 8 blocks of Coimbatore District namely, Madukkarai, Thondamuthur, SS Kulam, PN Palayam, Annur, Karamadai, Sulur & Sulthanpet besides Mettupalayam municipality and Coimbatore corporation.

The project aims at providing Healthy and dignified life for the people living with HIV/AIDS and their families through reduction of poverty, discrimination and human rights violation. NMCT undertakes interventions to improve self-confidence, health, economic status and social acceptance among 1500 PLHIV, 950 Family members, 750 Children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.

Since the inception of the project in 2015, it has reached out 1309 PLHIV, 865 Family Members affected by HIV/AIDS and 836 Children either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. 599 members of HIV/AIDS infected families are trained in providing health care, timely feeding of nutritional food & supplements, motivation to regularly attending the treatment services including ART and assisting in availing Government supports. 772 PLHIV are trained in Self-care.

Health care guides play a major role in the health care by their regular home visits, counseling and availing treatment services and 6 trainings have been provided to Health Care Guides to capacitate them. Health Care Personnel such as Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Attendants have a vital role in providing treatment services to the PLHIV without stigma and discrimination. 462 Health Care Personnel have been trained and sensitized on this context.

PRI members guide and support NMCT in identification of PLHIV families and availing supports under Government Schemes. 484 PRI members have been sensitized to extend their support to the health interventions. 539 School teachers have been trained to provide education and allied services, without any stigma and discrimination. Life Skill training to 158 children and Career counseling to 90 children who have completed 10th & 12th Standards has been provided.

Support and Services

3853 Health Mix packets as a nutrition value supplements have been distributed to the PLHIV. Medical and Financial aid have been extended to 325 PLHIV to meet their emergency medical expenses. Get together of PLHIV and their families are arranged periodically and 1005 beneficiaries have participated in the Get Together to discuss their problems and issues to work out the solutions. Financial supports for 815 Children either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to pursue their higher education have been provided. Milch Animals have been provided to 34 PLHIVs and Kitchen Garden establishment has been supported for 109 PLHIVs.

Case Studies

Madhina has almost lost hope in her life. She has lost her husband due to the impact of HIV / AIDS. Subsequent medical checkup to Madhina has also proved that she is also HIV positive. Adding to these woes she has also been identified as having Uterus Cancer. She has a daughter and a son. After the death of her husband, life has become very miserable and sorrowful and she felt much difficulties in taking care of her children with all her illness.
HOPE Project by NMCT came to her rescue in 2015, when she was identified as a beneficiary of the HOPE Project. The project provided counseling and health care with Nutrition Supplements, and support for treatment services. She has also been supported for the higher studies of her children and also for undergoing the surgery for her Uterus Cancer.
She is an active member of the special Self Help Group and getting trained in entrepreneurship activities. Now the peaceful Madhina says that she is confident to face the life and she got the New Lease of Life through HOPE and NMCT